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הרב שמואל ווינר שליט"א

Want to order Shabbos food but don't want to select your items?

Order entire Shabbos meals for 4 with our pre-selected menu

Can't go to a hotel for Shabbos Nachamu?
Enhance your Oneg Shabbos and order your Shabbos meals with us!
We'll be happy to add deli-roll (4 servings) and coleslaw for only 50 shekel !
*Valid on orders 250+, not including delivery
Customize your event to fulfill your aspirations and meet your budget.  For groups of any size!
Coming to Israel on vacation? For Yom Tov?  To visit Family & Friends? 
View our expansive menu and leave the cooking and the logistics to us.
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Golden Gourmet is strictly Mehadrin under the supervision of 

  Vaad HaKashrus of Rabbi Shmuel Weiner


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